Want to generate leads for your business? Use these top 5 paid search tactics!

Finding prospective leads for business is no easy task. You need to identify your target market, effectively market your brand, and create informative, appealing content to become the absolute favorite of your target audience. 

Do you face challenges in finding qualified leads for your business? Use these top 5 paid search tactics that will help you start getting better leads for your business: 

 1. Google paid search with keyword research 

Pay per click is one of the basic and simplest ways to generate leads. Rolling out a highly targeted campaign by targeting the client’s demographics, geographic location, interests, search history, etc., will help you attract potential leads. How to do it? Start with keyword research to discover how people search for a product or service online. 

After running ads for some time, conduct a periodic audit for search terms, locations, and devices used to understand your campaigns’ effectiveness. It will help you get optimized results over time.

 2. Provide relevant offers with PPC 

When a user gets exactly what he/she is looking for, it automatically drives their attention toward your brand offering. PPC works most effectively when the ad stays relevant to what the buyer is looking for in search engines. It is an ideal choice for lead generation when the search volume around your product or service is high. 

Run an ad campaign to increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience faster.

 3. Display advertising 

Display ads are the online advertisements played on websites that are related to what you are offering to your customers. Whether it’s text, video, or image ads, the medium of display advertising can be anything. However, it must convey the objective of your ad campaign.

Choosing the image-based ad can expand your brand reach as it includes your company’s logo and the image of your product or service. Video ads are also effective. 

With display advertising, you can get millions of impressions in a short time and bring traffic to your website where customers can get in contact with you immediately. 

 4. Don’t forget remarketing 

Remarketing or retargeting is another big thing in paid search tactics. It’s a highly effective method of exposure that gets your ad out in front of prospective customers repeatedly. This persistent advertising is proven to have more than a 50% success rate in attracting potential leads to your site. It’s a low-hanging digital fruit that you must leverage! 

 5. Use social ads to connect with your target audience 

The expectations of the audience are way high today. They expect brands to stay connected with them and understand their demands. Social ads will help you engage with your target audience, maximize your brand reach at record speed, and present an ideal opportunity to encourage consumers to give genuine recommendations. 

Key Takeaways

Paid search advertising is way better than traditional marketing. It allows measuring your return on your investment! Connect with WSI, the leading digital marketing agency in Phoenix, to get started with your paid search campaign. 

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